C/C++ Programming

If you are searching for a short term course to excel your knowledge in c programming from the beginning in a simple way, our course will be more suitable for you. This course will be helpful for university students to get an additional qualification as well as to do their programming related projects.The content of this course is specially designed for undergraduate students, school students and those who wish to excel in C/C++ programming.


  • Introduction to C/C++ Programming
  • Setting up and Installing C Language
  • Data Type, Constants & Variables
  • Operators and Enums
  • Decision Making
  • Loop control
  • Control Flow
  • Function
  • Pointers
  • Arrays
  • String
  • Structures
  • File Operation
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation


TEACHING METHOD: Lectures, Home Assignments, In-class exercise

TEACHING MATERIALS: Lecture notes, Tutes and a soft copy of the reference book will be provided.

COURSE FEES: Rs. 9,500

COURSE DURATION: 10 sessions – 3 hours per session

Individual attention will be provided by our well trained male and female engineers.


    Contact Details

    • Landline: 0113673895
    • Hotline: 0761920125
    • Email : info@technolabseng.lk

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