This course is ideally for beginners who wish to gain practical knowledge for jobs or to do their own business. For those who are already into CCTV installation, this workshop will be helpful to develop their skills in designing quotations, IP addressing, mobile viewing, cost estimating, client relationship and client handling. Anyone who are interested in this area can attend to the workshop which is to be conducted by our best engineers.

Throughout this course we will be providing a 100% practical knowledge along with required theories and techniques.


  • Types and applications of CCTV cameras
  • How to select cameras
  • Lenses and camera technologies 
  •  DVR configuration (analog and IP)
  • Cables, Connectors and their impedance matching
  • Electrical wiring for CCTV 
  • Installation techniques (for various sites)
  • Installation problems and solutions
  • Mobile viewing technique (Three Methods)
  • Cost estimating 
  • Quotation making (including how to provide warranty)


TRAINING METHOD: Explanation >> Demonstration >> Hands on Practicals

TEACHING MATERIAL: Lecture tutes, necessary CCTV accessories, Required user manuals

COURSE FEES: Rs. 6,500

DURATION: Two days (16 hours)

Contact Details

  • Landline: 0113673895
  • Hotline: 0761920125
  • Email :

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