PLC & HMI Programming

The PLC course we are providing is ideally for beginners who wish to gain  knowledge in PLC and Industrial  Automation. This course  is suitable for Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronic, Electronic Engineers and undergraduates and Technical & Maintenance Officers. As we are an  automation  solution  providing  company,  we know  exactly what you want  to  know about PLC. The  contents of  the  course is specially  designed  for you to  become an  expert Automation/Plant  Engineer in the industry.  Come join us and  shine in your  career.

Our best automation engineers will be there for you to provide lectures and help you with the Practicals. Throughout this course we will be providing a 100% practical knowledge along with required theories and techniques.


  • Introduction to PLC
  • Architecture of PLC
  • Working principle of PLC
  • Memory types
  • Different types of input output circuits
  • Concept of inputs and outputs
  • Programming methods
  • Basic Ladder programming
  • Latching and unlatching
  • Timers, counters, PWM, PTO
  • Advanced Ladder programming
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Applications of PLC

MEDIUM: Sinhala/English/Tamil

TEACHING METHOD: Explanation >> Demonstration >> Hands on Practicals

TEACHING MATERIAL: Lecturer notes, Required practical equipment

COURSE FEES: Rs.18,000 (Can be paid in 3 installments)

DURATION: 03 Months (one session per week)

Individual attention will be provided by our well trained male and female engineers.

Contact Details

  • Landline: 0113673895
  • Hotline: 0761920125
  • Email :

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