Robotics has become the most trending topic among todays’ society where every thing is becoming automatic. As an automation solutions providing company we are more concern about the robotic skills of current generation. Technolabs Engineering (Pvt) Ltd provides you robotic courses where you can develop your robotic and automation skills. Every Participant achieves the theoretical and practical knowledge from the basic on robotic development required for the competitive industry through our course.


  • Fundamentals of electronics
  • Introduction for programming language – C/C++/Assembly (Including ‘if, else’ conditions, functions, arrays, loops and strings)
  • Introduction to microcontrollers/processors (PIC/NodeMCU/Arduino/AVR/8051)
  • How to use microcontroller IDE (input & output ports, A/D Conversion, PWM, Interrupts, Serial Communication, SPI & I2C communication)
  • Interfacing sensors and actuators with microcontroller (Temperature and Humidity, IR, Ultrasonic, Optical, Proximity, DC motors, Servo motors, Stepper motors relays and etc)
  • Interfacing wireless communication 
  • Designing and implementing PCBs including schematic designs


  1. Line and Arrow Following Robot
  2. Obstacle Avoidance Robot 
  3. Joystick controlled robot via Bluetooth
  4. TFT touch screen controlled home automation
  5. Humidity / Temperature based fan controllers
  6. Heart rate monitoring system
  7. Railway Simulation Systems
  8. Position and speed control of DC motors

MEDIUM: Sinhala/English/Tamil

TEACHING METHOD: Explanation >> Demonstration >> Hands on Practicals

TEACHING MATERIAL: Lecturer notes, Required practical equipment

COURSE FEES: Rs.18,000 (Can be paid in 3 installments)

DURATION: 03 Months (one session per week)

Individual attention will be provided by our well trained male and female engineers.

Contact Details

  • Landline: 0113673895
  • Hotline: 0761920125
  • Email :

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